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Introducing Quattro Formaggi Burst Pizza from Domino's India - Made for Foodies. Made by Foodies.

Did you know that Jubilant FoodWorks Limited is India's largest food service company with a network of 1085 Domino's Pizza restaurants across 251 cities (as of October 2016)? It is no surprise then, Domino's Pizza India continues to be the market leader in the chained pizza segment.

Besides being hailed as the pizza delivery expert, what is truly remarkable about Domino's is that they continue to design products keeping in mind the discerning Indian customers. Take their latest offering, Quattro Formaggi Burst Pizza, for instance, which is made for foodies and made by foodies.

Quattro Formaggi Burst Pizza from Domino's India

Comparisons with popular Cheese Burst Pizza are inevitable; Quattro Formaggi Burst is a probable game changer since it's available in four cheese flavors:
  • Gouda and Cheddar in liquid form (for molten cheese experience)
  • Mozzarella (for stretch)
  • Creamy Ricotta (for fresh sign-off to the palate)

Quattro Formaggi Burst is a new innovative crust based on four cheese Italian concept. A unique four cheese flavored crust delivered on buttery crisp dough without the tomato blend to give an indulgent cheese experience.

Quattro Formaggi Burst Pizza from Domino's India

You can easily upgrade to Quattro Formaggi Burst by adding INR 99/- to any medium hand-tossed pizza.

Quattro Formaggi Burst Pizza (Chicken)

Quattro Formaggi Burst is all about indulgence ... just the kind of food you'd typically look out for during winters. Talk of global trending flavors and Quattro Formaggi Burst fits in with the perfect textures and ingredients.

With Quattro Formaggi Burst, Domino's has launched a tasty new addition to its sensational range of Gourmet pizzas, combining the distinctive flavors of four fabulous kinds of cheese specially handpicked from across Europe.

It's time for the food lovers of the world to unite!

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INOX Muchos - Introducing a Range of Flavored Packaged Snacks from Around the World

Did you know that the INOX Group is an 80-year-old USD 3 billion conglomerate, employing more than 12,000 people in India and abroad? The group enjoys a dominant leadership position in India across a spectrum of industries - entertainment for instance. For the uninitiated, INOX is the second largest multiplex chain in the country with 420 screens in 57 cities, making it a truly pan-India multiplex chain.

To take on newer challenges and opportunities in the ever growing FMCG market, the INOX Group has recently invested in a young and dynamic startup called the INOX FMCG. The first offering from this startup is a range of packaged snacks called the INOX Muchos, comprising blockbuster flavors of Popcorn, Nachos, and Kettle Cooked Chips from around the world.

INOX Muchos

Muchos fresh, crunchy and ready to eat popcorn are available in four flavors:
  1. Chipotle Chilli Mustard Shootout
  2. Super Cheese Vs Pepperman
  3. How Toffee Won Caramel
  4. The Pineapple Green Chilli Affair

INOX Muchos - Ready to Eat Popcorn

Muchos Nachos packs a punch with three flavors:
  1. Salsa Mexicana - with Tomato and Bell Pepper (Tangy)
  2. Night of the Piri Piri - with Piri Piri Chilli, Lemon, and Oregano (Spicy)
  3. Love Triangle - with Cheese, Jalapeno, and Cheesy Dip (Cheesy)

Gluten free, trans fat free, and non-GMO - what more can you possibly ask for!

INOX Muchos - Nachos with Dip

Handcrafted from the finest potatoes, Muchos Kettle Cooked Chips are available in two flavors:
  1. Taste Side Story - with Cheddar and Parmesan Cheese, Basil, and Oregano
  2. Pirates of Kettle Island - with Rock Sea Salt

Thick, crunchy slices of the finest potatoes loaded with flavors - absolutely delicious to say the least!

INOX Muchos - Kettle Cooked Chips

Muchos takes you on an exciting epicurean journey to explore the world of great taste, international indulgent flavors, and a mix of the familiar and the unfamiliar.

Unlike any other product in the market right now, Muchos has been able to merge the two worlds of 'movies' and 'snacking' to create a wider flavor-driven narrative with Movie in a Pack!

INOX Muchos - Movie in a Pack

When you purchase a pack of Muchos, every flavor tells a story and connotes fun and excitement.

The INOX name is synonymous with entertainment and Muchos will help reinforce the same. True to its name, Muchos is a premium, international snacks brand that has an immediate, spontaneous and strong connect with the modern Indian youth.

The new product will be launched in a phased manner across the country over the next few months.

Now ask for much more than the usual you're used to. Open your world to new tastes and possibilities and dive into a new story every time you open a pack of Muchos. Because every flavor has a story to tell!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Learn the Culture of Fine Beers and Fresh Food at The Clock Tower

What is the first place that comes to your mind when you think of the coolest hangout in Gurgaon? For me, The Clock Tower has truly been a revelation of sorts!

My love affair with this amazing gastropub started in the middle of October when I had gone to hear India's leading ad film director, Prahlad Kakkar, who was paying a guest visit to the outlet; Boy, what an interesting and edifying evening it turned out to be!

Me and Prahlad Kakkar

The Clock Tower has a distinctive post-colonial feel to it, with large English style doors and windows, heavy pinewood work and a 24-foot high ceiling. Make no mistake, this ain't another watering hole in your favorite hi-tech city but an elegant microbrewery spearhead by an international brewmaster. It's the kind of place you're most likely to visit for a promising first date, an indulgent family meal, or a late after-work nightcap.

The Clock Tower

This concept-driven outlet is the brainchild of Tribhuvan Yadav, who followed his pursuit to bring in an authentic European style pub in Gurgaon.

The Clock Tower

Drawing on his influences as a boarding school student at Sherwood College Nainital (which was established in 1869 during the British Raj), Tribhuvan wants to position this place as an iconic community destination that offers the best comfort food and drinks.

The Clock Tower (at night)

Likely to become a convenient landmark on the Golf Course Road, The Clock Tower is the perfect find IMHO to grab a craft beer, scotch or sparkling ale. The forward-thinking craft brewing techniques will knock your socks off; you can probably say the same for the adventurous mixology and cuisine.

Craft Beer at The Clock Tower
Patrons enjoying Craft Beer at The Clock Tower
Trappist-style Tripel
Microbrewery at The Clock Tower
Craft Beer at The Clock Tower
Cocktail at The Clock Tower
Craft Beer at The Clock Tower
Cocktail at The Clock Tower
Craft beer tap at The Clock Tower

The infused cocktails selection contains a variety of creative concoctions with fresh fruits, which truly delight the senses. I couldn't help but admire the quality of ingredients used!

On my subsequent visit to The Clock Tower, I spent some time with Rohan Kichlu, who manages both business and guest-based growth, while building an effective restaurant team and service culture that strengthens the foundation of the brand from within. Before joining The Clock Tower family, Rohan was immersed in the flow of several high-end establishments in India and the United States such as The Park Hotels, ITC and similar  globally respected brands performing well above the average thresholds in their respective micro markets.

Rohan Kichlu

Rohan has a seasoned understanding of the inner workings of the F&B industry and his vision is to expand The Clock Tower beyond the borders of Gurgaon as a state-of-the-art outlet that is recognized and loved across the country.

The Clock Tower

At The Clock Tower, Rohan continues to approach food and drinks with unbridled curiosity, finding excitement in developing a wide-ranging food and beverage program.

Seen at The Clock Tower
Appetizer at The Clock Tower
Fresh salad at The Clock Tower
Appetizer at The Clock Tower
Salad at The Clock Tower
Salad at The Clock Tower
Sizzler at The Clock Tower
Non-vegetarian food at The Clock Tower
Appetizer at The Clock Tower
Mezze Platter at The Clock Tower
Paneer Tikkas at The Clock Tower
Pasta at The Clock Tower
Spring Rolls at The Clock Tower
Spaghetti at The Clock Tower
Appetizer at The Clock Tower

I was then introduced to Navjot Singh, a dedicated flair bartender and enterprising mixologist who joined The Clock Tower after ending his sojourn with The Park Hotels. Acclimatized to the glitter and high velocity of expensive nightclub scenes, Navjot's confidence in his skills remains unfaltering to date no matter what the circumstance or demand.

Navjot Singh

Outlet manager, Prakash Bisht, is fondly dubbed as The Clock Tower's "Rock", holding all major operations together and being the sturdy backbone for the team. He is a man of fine tastes, cultivated demeanor and finesse - nurturing a longstanding career in the luxurious hospitality industry for brands such as The Indian Accent.

Prakash Bisht

The evening culminated with a surprise demo by Thean Leonard Kruger, the Brewmaster and Craft Beer Specialist from Cape Town, South Africa, who effortlessly masters the art of homebrewing and culinary wizardry. Thean has embarked on a mission to teach Indians about his passion by helping them raise their techniques to standards expected by the Global Beer Revolution.

Thean Leonard Kruger

He is currently a consultant to several established breweries across the country, The Clock Tower being his latest culinary project. His knowledge of the beer universe is formidable; he beholds each beer with mild synesthesia, fiercely astute to the individual character of every brew and remarkably receptive to the subtle intricacies of flavor, temperament, and emotion which he eloquently describes with the flow and command of a poet.

Here are the highlights of my visit to The Clock Tower:

Victorian style antique wall clock at The Clock Tower

  • Shrooms of the Wood pizza - Topped with sauteed mushrooms, seasoned with salt and pepper. Goes down really well with a nice young Sauvignon Blanc or Chandon Brut. Alternatively, the British Summer Ale is a nice beer to down the pizza.

  • A specially designed Allumnus Corner to remind you of school, faculty, etc.

Allumnus Corner at The Clock Tower

  • Each wall has a unique story to tell - be it The Adventures of Tintin, The Adventures of Asterix, or our very own Malgudi Days. 

R. K. Laxman's Wall of Fame

  • The Clock Tower has a fantastic selection of six beers on tap round the year. Two annual beers form the pillar of brewing, whereas two quarterly/seasonal beers and two signature beers are available on rotation every few weeks.

Six Types of Craft Beer at The Clock Tower

    • British Summer Ale
      • A perfect summer ale, this crisp, dry and refreshing beer is sturdy enough to satisfy with a citric hop aroma leaping from a white meringue head.
    • Belgian Wit
      • A tasty, light yet elegant wheat ale made to the same specifications as Pierre Celis' brewery in the village of Hoegaarden. This is an authentic Belgian wheat beer to die for!
    • Trappist-style Tripel
      • Did you know this is a beer brewed in honor of the Benedictine monks who invented the Trappist style not so long ago at Westmalle monastery? Brewed with a specially made in-house syrup, the beer is light and delicious.
    • Northern English Brown
      • From the Northern reaches of England comes this brown curiosity of an ale with an array of flavors such as nutty, biscuity and toffee - popping out from a bready base malt.
    • Oktoberfest Marzen
      • The original 'festbier' of Germany was first brewed in 1840 by Gabriel Sedlmayr. Oktoberfest Marzen remains a soft, complex yet rich malt-forward lager that can easily be consumed by the liter.
    • Oktoberfest Helles
      • The modern-day 'festbier' of Germany is like a cousin to the well-known Czech Pilsner, with much more malt character. It is clean and infinitely drinkable, focusing on malt flavor as opposed to malt sweetness.

Finally, the clinking of glasses is a gentle reminder of the conviviality and friendship that you'll continue to forge at The Clock Tower while networking with the finest brewers, craftsmen, chefs, and travelers from across the spectrum. It almost felt surreal hearing about the culture of fine beers and fresh food; great attention to detail is given to ingredient selection and process, which is reassuring, to say the least.

The Clock Tower
Seating arrangement at The Clock Tower
Another view of the seating arrangement at The Clock Tower
View from the top at The Clock Tower
Bar at The Clock Tower

[Address: The Clock Tower, Golf Course Road, Dlf Phase 5 (Rapid Metro Pillar 141), Gurgaon, Haryana, India.
Landmark: Opposite Ibis Hotel/Beside Palm Springs.
Mobile: For reservation, call (+91) 8587811182.
Email: info@hthospitality.in; rohankichlu@hthospitality.in]

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