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Malaysia meets India at Jom Jom Malay

Did you know that the Malaysian food is heavily influenced by the Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian cuisines? From the use of wok to the multitude of spices in several popular dishes, the Malaysian cuisine never ceases to amaze!

Quite naturally, I was ecstatic to discover that my favorite cuisine is now available at Jom Jom Malay, the first Malaysian restaurant of its kind to open up in the newly resuscitated Ansal Plaza, Khel Gaon Marg, Delhi.

The brainchild of Anhad Sethi* who spent a good five and half years in Singapore shuttling in-between Malaysia, Jom Jom Malay was open to the discerning foodies of Delhi-NCR on January 14 earlier this year.

Through this venture, Anhad hopes to familiarize Delhi with the textures and flavors of the Malaysian novelty cuisine.

[Anhad is a young restaurateur and a budding entrepreneur who also owns Orange Chopsticks, a vibrant, color themed restaurant in Gurgaon that serves MSG free Chinese and Thai food.]

For the uninitiated, the Malay expressio…

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