Saturday, August 27, 2016

Food On Wheels - Best Authentic North Indian Cuisine in Faridabad

Last month I was invited by the Rastogi family to review their flagship food property in the heart of Faridabad by the name of Food On Wheels.

I graciously accepted their invitation for two apparent reasons - one, they agreed to arrange a cab for me knowing that it takes approximately 40 minutes from my place to reach their restaurant, and second, this was going to be my first food review of a food joint in Faridabad.

Open every day from 12 noon to 3 pm and then from 6.30 pm to 11 pm, Food On Wheels is hailed for serving the best, authentic North Indian cuisine in Faridabad. Their curries and tikkas from the live kitchen are to die for!

That said, little did I know that I would be meeting one of the most promising, young food entrepreneurs on the day of review, Ayush Rastogi, the brainchild behind Food On Wheels.

Ayush Rastogi

At 19 years of age, Ayush is probably one of the youngest food entrepreneurs in the country right now. And you can easily tell that he is passionate about food (cooking in particular) - in fact for the entire duration of my stay there, Ayush assisted the folks in kitchen, churning out one amazing dish after the other.

Ayush Rastogi

Here are my top recommendations of what you should try at Food On Wheels.

Tandoori Non Vegetarian 
  • Stuffed Tangri Kebab (Specialty)
Stuffed Tangri Kebab (Specialty)
  • Chicken Burra
Chicken Burra
  • Chicken Seekh Kebab
Chicken Seekh Kebab
Tandoori Vegetarian 
  • Dahi Ke Kebab
Dahi Ke Kebab
  • Soya Kaleji
Soya Kaleji
  • Chili Paneer Tikka (Specialty)
Chili Paneer Tikka (Specialty)
  • Veg Galauti (Specialty)
Veg Galauti (Specialty)
Mains - Vegetarian Gravy 
  • Tawa Chaap Masala 
Tawa Chaap Masala
Mains - Non Vegetarian Gravy 
  • Chicken Gurdaspuri (Specialty)
Chicken Gurdaspuri (Specialty)
  • Hari Mirch Ka Chicken (cooked in Desi Ghee)
Hari Mirch Ka Chicken (cooked in Desi Ghee)
  • Keema Kulcha
Keema Kulcha
  • Garlic Naan
Garlic Naan
  • Oreo Pudding Pot
Oreo Pudding Pot

Food On Wheels might not be easily accessible for residents of Delhi-NCR but is surely a popular hunting ground for those in Faridabad. They also specialize in free home deliveries here (minimum order of INR 250), thus earning the reputation of a takeaway restaurant. 

Kitchen Staff in Action at Food On Wheels

There's limited seating available for 35 guests, should you want to enjoy a fully AC dining experience. They even make special arrangements for birthday/kitty parties and outdoor catering.

Limited Seating at Food On Wheels

I didn't have enough time to try their rolls, Chinese food, mini meals, special combos, sandwiches, burgers, and wraps, but whatever else I tried was absolutely brilliant. Won't mind visiting them again!

Food On Wheels Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

10 Incentives to Visit Bottles and Barrels - The Craft Brewery

Last month I was invited to review one of the most popular microbreweries in Gurgaon by the name of Bottles and Barrels. The invitation was extended by VenueMonk, an online events marketplace that helps you find and book the best suited venues for all occasions.

Bottles and Barrels is conveniently housed on the second floor of Star Tower in Sector 30, Gurgaon. The property is hailed for its kitchen, lounge, and terrace, and I am not surprised why!

Bottles and Barrels

In this blog post, I am going to offer you 10 incentives to visit Bottles and Barrels.
  1. The kitchen is in the capable hands of Executive Chef Abdul Kalam, who comes with 14 years of hands-on F&B experience, not to forget a specialization in world cuisine food. Having worked for reputed brands like the Vatika Hospitality, Abdul introduces a mélange of Indian, Oriental, Continental, and Italian delicacies.

    Executive Chef Abdul Kalam

  2. If you’re a local business or a corporate located in or around Sector 30 in Gurgaon, go for a ‘five-course meal’ lunch buffet available on weekdays. You can also try the Live Grill and Cold Food section … start your conversations around quality freshly cooked meals and awesome beer selection.

    Bottles and Barrels

  3. Talking of beer, choose from a vast array of Craft beers, such as the Pilsner Lager Beer, Jaggery Ale, Belgian Wheat Beer, and my personal favorite, American Bitter Ale.

    Craft Beers

  4. For connoisseurs of luxury, Bottles and Barrels offers you an opulent terrace dining experience, with six gazebos evenly distributed between low and level seating.

    Terrace Dining Experience

  5. Walk in on any Wednesday night and chances are that you’ll get treated to live performances by some of the best artists in the city. Ladies, in particular, have another reason to celebrate since every Wednesday night they get to savor their favorite cocktails free of cost. You heard it! Cocktails are on the house, since it’s a Ladies Night.

    Performance Stage at Bottles and Barrels

  6. Don’t worry if you cannot make it on a Wednesday though. On other weekdays, the talented resident DJ Vikram spins foot tapping retro rock, disco hits, house and Bollywood numbers, to get things ticking. You just cannot hold yourself back from getting into the groove; so come let your hair down or simply relax over a couple of beers.

  7. With an ultramodern gastropub vibe and an unmatched contemporary décor, it is easy to silo Bottles and Barrels as a great place to dine or enjoy freshly brewed beers. But the place is much more than that! Sports aficionados can indulge in a game of pool while having unlimited fun, competing against other players who could well be your besties.

    Pool Table at Bottles and Barrels

  8. And while you’re basking in the magnificent culinary experience, make sure to sit besides a sleek water body specially crafted to soothe you into a perfect state of relaxation.

    Water Body

  9. My recommendations for what you should try at Bottles and Barrels include:
    • Appetizers
      • Chelo kebab served with four tangy dips – Beetroot Labneh (pink), Mint (Green), Hummus (Yellow), and Iranian (White) 

        Chelo Kebab with Four Tangy Dips

      • Thai Cheese Cigar Rolls with Thai sauce and Kimchi

        Thai Cheese Cigar Rolls with Thai Sauce and Kimchi

      • Phyllo Artichoke

        Phyllo Artichoke

      • Beer Battered Fish Fingers
        Beer Battered Fish Fingers

      • Grilled Cottage Cheese Skewers with Chili Sauce
    • Mains
      • Dal B&B (Combo of Dal Bukhara, Kabila, and Makhani)

        Dal B&B

      • Thai Chicken Curry

    • Cocktails
      • Whiskey Sour

    • Desserts
      • Date Pancake with Ice Cream

      • Kashmiri Phirni

  10. End your rendezvous on a perfect note by meeting Rohit Maingi, the man behind the stupendous success of Bottles and Barrels. Rohit recently brought the fourth edition of Beer Pong slam to Bottles and Barrels in association with Vh1 India and Koala Fight Media. The knockout of beer mugs in Gurgaon, according to Rohit, brought about a strong sense of participation, camaraderie, and bonding.
Rohit Maingi

Bottles and Barrels rates extremely high in terms of uniqueness of their offerings – be it food, ambiance, or entertainment.

Bottles and Barrels Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato  

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Think Organic Living. Think Devang House.

I have not been keeping well of late. In fact, I was hospitalized twice last month - in a short span of a week - for acute tonsillitis. The good news is: the worst is behind me now. I am feeling great once again, which means I can have more time for the blog.

This weekend I decided to visit a quaint lil café in the heart of the capital's Diplomatic Enclave. Housed in Amatrra, The Ashok Hotel, Chanakyapuri, and hailed for spreading the 'Joy of Being', Devang House is built by a community of creative coworkers who believe in the prowess of organic food, natural products, and holistic spaces.

Devang House

As I entered the peaceful corner where the café is located, it dawned to me how necessary it is to imbibe Organic Living as part of our new and changing lifestyle.

Devang House

The basic premise on which Devang operates is that we are a part of nature, not separate from it. Not surprising then, the Artisan Gourmet food here is made fresh on order from organic and natural ingredients, without any preservatives or synthetic additives.

Devang - Popular for serving Organic Food

Devang produces all of its fresh eggless baked products using farm-sourced organic wheat, millet, and super foods.

Baked Products at Devang House

Opened in October 2015, Devang House is the only organic and vegetarian restaurant in Delhi with ingredients sourced directly from local farms. The team curates special seasonal menus, and complements food with a variety of events such as cooking classes, Sunday brunches, and live music nights.

Organic Food Samples at Devang House
Organic Supplements (for sale) at Devang House
Organic Food (for sale) at Devang House
Organic Food (for sale) at Devang House

In fact, the new, popular band 'The Sufis' recently held their fourth performance - Soul Sessions: An Evening of Sufi Music - at the Devang House. The band has become an integral part of the Devang community!

Events section at Devang House
Events section at Devang House

The café is open every day from 9am to 10pm. My favorites on their menu include stone oven pizza, pesto khichdi, chickoo-almond butter smoothie, and ragi and banana pancakes.

Stone Oven Pizza

Interestingly, the five-course menu changes every week to keep things ticking!

Devang House
Devang House
Chessboard at Devang House
Artwork at Devang House
Devang House
Decorative Items at Devang House

Since I visited the Devang House on Sunday, I got treated to their Organic Brunch and Market.

Here's what you can expect too: 
  • Summer drinks: Mint Lemonade; Seasonal Juice
  • Soup bowls (INR 250): Roasted Pumpkin and Rosemary Soup; House Blended Masala Chaas
  • Salads (INR 300): Charred Artichoke and French Bean Salad; Sweet Potato, Chickpea, and Puffed Rice Salad
Charred Artichoke and French Bean Salad
Sweet Potato, Chickpea, and Puffed Rice Salad
  • Appetizers (INR 300): Rosemary and Chilly Hummus with Ragi Pita; Butternut Squash and Feta Bruschetta; Green Moong Chilla with Garlic Chutney; Herbed Chilly Cheese Garlic Bread
Rosemary and Chilly Hummus with Ragi Pita
Butternut Squash and Feta Bruschetta
  • Main Course (INR 450): Stone Oven Pizza; Gunpowder and Masala Uttapam with Sambhar; Japanese Khichdi with Pickled Vegetables; Lemon Rice and Spiced Vegetable Stew 
Gunpowder and Masala Uttapam with Sambhar
Lemon Rice and Spiced Vegetable Stew
  • Desserts: Mango and Chia Pudding; Malwa Pudding Cake
Mango and Chia Pudding

If you're too lazy to visit the café, you can place orders online or via telephone, as free delivery is available within select circles of South and Central Delhi on orders above INR 1500 (a nominal fee of INR 100 is charged on orders below that!).

Me and Sadhna at Devang House

A visit to the Devang House should be high on your priority list if you’re thinking of Organic Living.

Devang House - The Ashok Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato