A Culinary Delight: Exploring Satvik Cuisine in Gurugram

In this blog post, I explore Satvik Cuisine, a new restaurant in Sector 67 Gurugram that celebrates the wholesome essence of Satvik dining, with a focus on Gujarati, North Indian, and Mumbai street food delicacies.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Satvik Cuisine, a charming new pure vegetarian restaurant located on the ground floor of M3M URBANA in Sector 67, Gurugram. This culinary gem is the brainchild of Kaushik Thakkar, a fourth-generation restaurateur from Gujarat, who, at the young age of 24, is on a mission to introduce the rich flavors of Gujarati cuisine to the food-loving audience of Gurugram.

Satvik Premium Thali

What struck me first about Kaushik was his pleasing demeanor and kindheartedness. His passion for sharing the most treasured recipes from his mother showcased that he has his heart in the right place, driven by a genuine love for the cuisine.

Veg Handi Biryani

Satvik Cuisine specializes in offering Satvik food, characterized by its emphasis on freshness, nutrient-rich ingredients, a natural state of preparation, low processing and frying, eating within three to four hours, and avoiding rajasic or tamasic foods.

Gujarati Platter

My culinary journey began with a delightful cup of Masala Tea and a Gujarati platter that featured four meticulously crafted appetizers:

  1. Methi Pakoda (Gota): Crispy and soft fenugreek leaves fritters, boasting a delightful, savory flavor served with traditional Gujarati Kadhi Chutney.
  2. Khaman Dhokla: Spongy, steamed gram flour cakes, seasoned with a zesty, flavorful tempering, served with traditional Gujarati Kadhi Chutney.
  3. White Dhokla: Steamed, fluffy rice and urad dal cakes, with a delicate savor served with Spicy Green Chutney.
  4. Moong Dalwada: Crispy fritters made from seasoned, deep-fried split green gram lentils served with fried Chilli.

For the mains, I opted for the flavorful Teen Mirch Ka Paneer, a spicy Indian cottage cheese stir-fry with bell peppers and aromatic spices. I also indulged in the comforting Dal Tadka, yellow lentils infused with smoky aromatics, a staple in Indian cuisine.

To wrap up my culinary adventure, I treated myself to the delightful Sweet Rajwadi Paan, a perfect ending to a delicious meal.

I was captivated by Kaushik's vision to present authentic Gujarati cuisine in a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing setting. Satvik Cuisine offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that enhances the overall dining experience. 

Pani Puri

I am eager to return with friends and family to share the joy of Satvik Cuisine and indulge in the rich flavors of Gujarat once again.

Masala Pav

If you're in Gurugram and appreciate the art of authentic vegetarian cuisine, Satvik Cuisine is a must-visit. Kaushik Thakkar's dedication to preserving and sharing his culinary heritage truly shines through in every dish.

Bon appétit!

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