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An Ideal Yatra to Soulful Seoul

Seoul, a city that never sleeps, is the largest metropolitan in the heart of South Korea with a domicile of over 10 million people. Surrounded by nature and steeped in history, this Miracle on the Han River offers amazing panoramic views. 

Hailed as the #1 party city of the world, Seoul is a contemporary melange of glitzy nightlife, pulsating K-pop, unique cat cafes, and antiquity – totally worth your admiration!

A Vibrant Voyage Begins
The Incheon International Airport has an annual capacity of 410,000 international flights and 44,000,000 passengers. Rated as the world’s best airport for nine years in a row, it welcomes you to the most wired city, Seoul, which is also home to the fastest Internet speed.

There’s a unique mysticism about Seoul that attracts you from the word go. Few could have imagined the contemporary Seoul as we know today was at the verge of destruction during the Korean War. Its resurgence is symbolic in many ways!

Seoul might seem intimidating at first but is in fa…