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Acer Predator Breaks Barriers between People and Technology

A few days ago I received a media invite to attend the unveiling of Acer's latest innovation in gaming technology called the Predator. This new product is an endeavor from the computing giant to break barriers between people and technology.

I was informed that the media briefing would be addressed by none other than, Chandrahas Panigrahi, Senior Director, Consumer Business at Acer India
Being an avid gamer myself, I always look for opportunities like these - where not only can I get to see the new product in action (more often than not before anyone else does!) but also explore its best features, simultaneously. I also enjoy interviewing the engineering and design teams behind the innovation. 
So there I was, at The Ashok, one of the best 5-Star Hotels in Delhi, on a hot, summery afternoon of April 20 to see what the buzz was all about!
Like me, even you'll be wondering, why the name Predator?
Acer named this new line of gaming products after a fierce hunter – the Predator.