Acer Predator Breaks Barriers between People and Technology

A few days ago I received a media invite to attend the unveiling of Acer's latest innovation in gaming technology called the PredatorThis new product is an endeavor from the computing giant to break barriers between people and technology.

I was informed that the media briefing would be addressed by none other than, Chandrahas Panigrahi, Senior Director, Consumer Business at Acer India

Being an avid gamer myself, I always look for opportunities like these - where not only can I get to see the new product in action (more often than not before anyone else does!) but also explore its best features, simultaneously. I also enjoy interviewing the engineering and design teams behind the innovation. 

So there I was, at The Ashok, one of the best 5-Star Hotels in Delhi, on a hot, summery afternoon of April 20 to see what the buzz was all about!

Like me, even you'll be wondering, why the name Predator?

Acer named this new line of gaming products after a fierce hunter – the Predator.

Panigrahi says,
We design gear for fierce gamers – members of what we call the Predator tribe. Every member of our tribe has the soul of a fierce hunter, a predator. We bear the mark of our deadly mission. Our ancestors painted their bodies with dirt and blood to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies and rally comrades to battle. We draw inspiration from these marks of power. The mark of the predator tribe is a symbol of loyalty, power and ferocity. Use it wisely. Embolden your tribe and demoralize the enemy. Conquer New Worlds.

The Predator 15 / 17 has a lot of great features to boast of, like the following:

Predator FrostCore

Most PC manufacturers these days are dealt with the question of how to remove or dissipate the heat generated by components when in use. In case of overclocking, the issue of heating increases several folds.

The increased heating can potentially damage your PC or make it unstable. Many computers may abruptly shut down or even refuse to operate if they get overheated.

Acer comes up with a fitting solution to this issue.

The swappable fan module in Predator provides the option to greatly enhance the cooling performance. You can replace the optical disk drive (ODD) with the module when your operating system is dealing with heavy loading.

If you're hoping to keep the performance up while the heat down, the Predator FrostCore is probably your best bet. Enjoy intense, uninterrupted gaming sessions without having to worry about heating anymore.

Predator DustDefender

Another cool, complementing feature in the all-new Predator is the DustDefender.

Predator DustDefender

Made out of lighter but stronger metal, Predator DustDefender packs a punch with the help of an AeroBlade fan that runs at an extremely high speed to improve heat dissipation from high-performance components. This not only helps in extending your PC's life cycle but also enhances usability for uninterrupted fun.

CoolBoost Technology

Using CoolBoost technology, Acer has managed to deliver 18% faster fan speed and 10% lower CPU/GPU temperature via its exclusive Turbo Mode. This innovative feature enables you to manually control the cooling process during heavy usage.

Killer DoubleShot™ Pro

If you're looking for the ultimate high-speed attack, Acer introduces a new feature called the Killer DoubleShot™ Pro that allows your Ethernet and Wifi to work together. The Killer Network Manger determines the attributes of each link and decides which apps should run on which connection.

Killer DoubleShot Pro

PredatorSense and Predator ProZone

The entertainment quotient is upped by several notches via an intelligent gaming keyboard built with PredatorSense and Predator ProZone.

Custom-made for gaming enthusiasts, PredatorSense has some amazing features like keyboard macro profiles for your favorite games. It also provides real-time information (like CPU temperature, system temperature, CPU fan speed, and system fan speed) and adjustable lighting configurations.


Predator ProZone includes four customizable backlight zones and programmable macro profiles that you can share with your team. To ensure that gamers have every bit of control they truly deserve, Predator ProZone includes a number pad and dedicated macro buttons.

The customized LED backlit keyboard is divided into four lighting zones and programmable keys. Each Hotkey Profile can provide corresponding keyboard backlight setting for a specific game. The customizable “P” is a shortcut key that renders an efficient way to switch hotkey groups.

Predator ProZone

Predator renders a realistic visual experience for hardcore gamers. With incredibly high resolution and outstanding picture quality, you can enjoy every bit of dazzling detail and enhanced imagery without having to worry about the battery life.


Finally, if you are in the mood to accessorize your machine, go for the Predator Gaming Mouse, Predator Gaming Mouse Pad, Predator Gaming Headset, and Predator Gaming Utility Backpack.

Predator Gaming Mouse

With the launch of Predator, it seems that Acer has unleashed a new gaming revolution, and it now remains to be seen how the market will respond to this change.