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Showing posts from April 14, 2016

IndiBlogger Brings Marketers and Publishers Closer via

As a digital marketer, I truly understand how cumbersome it can get to identify and target the right influencers for a campaign. The amount of time spent in communicating with influencers is huge, and it is for the same reason perceived as one of the biggest challenges that most marketers tend to face these days.

How convenient it would be if you had a self-learning engine that could automatically target the right publishers! Well, with the launch of, IndiBlogger it seems has gotten off on the right foot.

The sole premise of is to help businesses with Content Marketing. Once a business uploads their latest Press Release on, the ‘Automated Influencer Targeting Engine’ or ‘AITE’ sends out an email alert to all registered publishers on IndiOne 2.0.

The ball is then passed on to the bloggers, who should decide whether or not the Press Release is relevant to their blog or to their readers. If the content makes perfect sense, they can apply on IndiOne 2.0* w…