IndiBlogger Brings Marketers and Publishers Closer via

As a digital marketer, I truly understand how cumbersome it can get to identify and target the right influencers for a campaign. The amount of time spent in communicating with influencers is huge, and it is for the same reason perceived as one of the biggest challenges that most marketers tend to face these days.

How convenient it would be if you had a self-learning engine that could automatically target the right publishers! Well, with the launch of, IndiBlogger it seems has gotten off on the right foot.

The sole premise of is to help businesses with Content Marketing. Once a business uploads their latest Press Release on, the ‘Automated Influencer Targeting Engine’ or ‘AITE’ sends out an email alert to all registered publishers on IndiOne 2.0.

The ball is then passed on to the bloggers, who should decide whether or not the Press Release is relevant to their blog or to their readers. If the content makes perfect sense, they can apply on IndiOne 2.0* within 12 hours of the release being posted. AITE then chooses the best combination of publishers based on an internal scoring and rating system, and contacts shortlisted bloggers via an email alert with the subject line “Shortlisted - {Press Release Name}”.

* [IndiOne 2.0 is an automated, self-learning mechanism that allows bloggers to get paid reliably and on time for publishing information from the latest Press Releases.]

Bloggers need to confirm or cancel their application within 24 hours from the time the Press Release is posted. If they choose to cancel for any reason, the opportunity is passed on to the next publisher in the queue. Even though a posting is passed down the queue, it does not automatically imply the timeline gets extended as the entire cycle needs to be completed within 72 hours from the time the Press Release is posted.

Once the application is confirmed by a blogger, it cannot be cancelled for any reason. He/she must submit a link to the published article within a total of 72 hours from the time the Press Release is posted. Businesses will rate the published article on a scale of 1 to 5. These ratings will be attached to the blogger’s IndiPR profile.

With, launching your Press Release via the right influencers will be a breeze with the help of cleverly designed Automated Influencer Targeting Engine. Businesses of various sizes, including start-ups, can now have their Press Releases published by top, influential bloggers with a few clicks in less than 72 hours, at a mere cost of USD 150. Isn’t that wonderful! assists digital marketers like me with a variety of offering, including but not limited to, SEO, content marketing, generating awareness and gaining much needed conversations around products, driven by Internet users on influencer platforms like blogs.

The future looks promising for and plans are underway to carry out more than just Press Releases. Influencers will also be able to apply for new creative assignments, receive invitations to attend the trendiest launch events, and be privy to the latest news on the planet before the world even wakes up to it.

A win-win situation for both marketers and publishers alike, gets my vote of appreciation for its inherent innovativeness and the ability to reach out to the intended audience within the shortest possible timeframe.

If you’re an influencer, you could be writing about the next BIG thing without even realizing its immense potential.

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