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batli 29 - Not Just Another Multi-cuisine Restaurant

Picture this. What are the odds you'll fall in love with a newly opened multi-cuisine restaurant on your very first visit? I just did. At batli 29.

For the uninitiated, batli 29 is not just a restaurant. It is a pub with microbrewery, a fast food restaurant, a cafe, and my favorite of all, a terrace bar.

Located in a quaint corner of Sector 29 in Gurgaon, batli 29 derives its name from the Marathi word 'batli' that literally means 'bottle'. In my opinion, a bottle without alcohol is like an ocean without water. 

At batli 29, enjoy some of the finest home brew beers made from 100% German malt, such as the Pilsner (lager beer), Dunkelweizen (dark wheat beer), Witbier (pale and opaque wheat beer), and SS Belge (strongest taste). 

My personal favorite is the Witbier, which is designed to suit the Indian palate. You can order a mug (INR 175), a pitcher (INR 485), or a tower (INR 785) of beer, depending on your taste and requirement.

In the mood for mocktails? Go for the…