batli 29 - Not Just Another Multi-cuisine Restaurant

Picture this. What are the odds you'll fall in love with a newly opened multi-cuisine restaurant on your very first visit? I just did. At batli 29.

For the uninitiated, batli 29 is not just a restaurant. It is a pub with microbrewery, a
fast food restaurant, a cafe, and my favorite of all, a terrace bar.

batli 29

Located in a quaint corner of Sector 29 in Gurgaon, batli 29 derives its name from the Marathi word 'batli' that literally means 'bottle'. In my opinion, a bottle without alcohol is like an ocean without water. 

Microbrewery at batli 29

At batli 29, enjoy some of the finest home brew beers made from 100% German malt, such as the Pilsner (lager beer), Dunkelweizen (dark wheat beer), Witbier (pale and opaque wheat beer), and SS Belge (strongest taste). 

My personal favorite is the Witbier, which is designed to suit the Indian palate. You can order a mug (INR 175), a pitcher (INR 485), or a tower (INR 785) of beer, depending on your taste and requirement.

Pilsner, Dunkelweizen, Witbier, and SS Belge

In the mood for mocktails? Go for the signature Batli's Delight (made of orange, grenadine, and lemon lime soda) or Mosabini Mountains (made of strawberry, kiwi, and blueberry).

Batli's Delight
Mosabini Mountains

And while you're at it, don't forget to spend a few minutes chitchatting with Mr. Rajeev Rawat, Operations Head at batli 29. Rajeev provided me valuable insights about the property, like the soft launch which took place on February 16 this year. Since then, the restaurant is open for patrons from 12 in the noon to 1 am every day.

Bar Area at batli 29
Lighting at batli 29

batli 29 has three different levels for seating - ground (cafe), first floor (lounge and bar), and terrace.

Seating on the ground floor
Seating on the first floor
Seating on the terrace

All combined, the property can easily accommodate over 225 people at any given point in time. In case you're visiting with family, you'll be advised to sit on the ground floor, which is where the cafe is.

Graffiti Wall at batli 29
Cafe at batli 29

The design and decor at batli 29 is simply breathtaking - with exotic furniture, masks, and even the menu cover being imported from countries like Brazil and Thailand.

Exotic furniture on the terrace
Empty beer bottles used for decor
View of the decor from the terrace
Comfy seats at the terrace

Other highlight is the music played by DJ Ishan Chugh, which includes a wide variety of new-age music ranging from Tropical House, Nu Disco, Deep House, Commercial Deep House, etc. Too bad, he is only available in the evenings!

Not only is Ishan's music soothing to the ears, the best part is he can seamlessly control the music of three levels from a single console.

DJ Ishan Chugh

The kitchen is in the capable hands of Chef Vijay, who I personally know from my review of the Tribe Brunch and Bar last year. batli 29 is the ideal place to try Indian, Chinese, and Continental food.

Here are my favorite dishes at batli 29.

# 1. Chicken and Corn Pizza
[My rating: 4 out of 5]

Made of grilled chicken, corn, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese, this wood-fired Roman Pizza provides the perfect start to your foodie sojourn at batli 29.

# 2. Keema Momos (INR 425)
[My rating: 4.5 out of 5]

A near perfect starter made to appease meat lovers, Keema Momos contain mince of mutton stuffed in dim sum dough.

Keema Momos

# 3. Sighare Aur Hare Pyaaz Ke Dimsum (INR 315)
[My rating: 5 out of 5]

Made of water chestnuts and spring onions, these steamed dimsums are truly a veggie delight. I still get the munchies at night thinking about it.

Sighare Aur Hare Pyaaz Ke Dimsum

# 4. Makhan Malai Chicken Tikka (INR 395)
[My rating: 4 out of 5]

Everyone's favorite, these tender chicken tikkas taste best when served with sirka onions and mint chutney.

Makhan Malai Chicken Tikka

# 5. Makai Malai Seekh (INR 315)
[My rating: 4.5 out of 5]

Cooked in clay oven, Makai Malai Seekh wins your heart with its finest assortment of corn and mixed vegetables.

Makai Malai Seekh

# 6. Balti Chicken Platter (INR 425)
[My rating: 5 out of 5]

A platter that contains butter chicken, dal makhni, salad, and assorted breads (including roti/naan/lachha parathas) is bound to be spectacular, isn’t it?

Balti Chicken Platter (INR 425)

# 7. Paneer Tikka Makhmala (INR 395)
[My rating: 4 out of 5]

A classic platter for the vegetarians, Paneer Tikka Makhmala contains succulent pieces of paneer (cottage cheese) tikkas alongside dal makhni, kachumber, and assorted breads.

Paneer Tikka Makhmala

# 8. Banana and Jaggery Cake with Salted Caramel Sauce (INR 255)
[My rating: 5 out of 5]

Served in a Mason jar, this dessert is a clear winner from chef Kunal C Kalbhor. Get ready to indulge in a sinful treat as this wholesome banana and jaggery cake is slathered with decadent salted caramel sauce.

Banana and Jaggery Cake with Salted Caramel Sauce
Banana and Jaggery Cake with Salted Caramel Sauce

# 9. Saffron Risotto with Rabri (INR 255)
[My rating: 5 out of 5]

A dessert to die for, this one renders a classic culmination of Italian rice with Indian rabri.

Saffron Risotto with Rabri
Saffron Risotto with Rabri

Finally, if you haven't been to batli 29, you haven't seen anything yet. Go, get serenaded!


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