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Showing posts from December 13, 2015

Tata Motors Hits The Purple Patch With ZICA

Last weekend Tata Motors achieved something that in all probability is going to leave the world gobsmacked. And yours truly was there when they'd hit the purple patch.

Tata Motors is known for engaging with a large congregation of bloggers from time to time. In the past few years, each time they came up with a new generation passenger car, influencers from all over the country were flown to take a closer look.

Personally, I have never been directly associated with them but I did review Bolt on my blog earlier this year.

My liking for Tata cars has started to grow after they managed to rope in Messi, the iconic football player, for endorsing their new range of passenger vehicles globally. This partnership is truly #madeofgreat since Tata Motors' vision to provide the best cars and experiences around the globe is mirrored by Messi's ambition to continually better his best, day after day.

So there, what does it take to be #madeofgreat? Ambition, Purpose, Determination, Humili…