Tata Motors Hits The Purple Patch With ZICA

Last weekend Tata Motors achieved something that in all probability is going to leave the world gobsmacked. And yours truly was there when they'd hit the purple patch.

Tata Motors is known for engaging with a large congregation of bloggers from time to time. In the past few years, each time they came up with a new generation passenger car, influencers from all over the country were flown to take a closer look.

Personally, I have never been directly associated with them but I did review Bolt on my blog earlier this year.

My liking for Tata cars has started to grow after they managed to rope in Messi, the iconic football player, for endorsing their new range of passenger vehicles globally. This partnership is truly #madeofgreat since Tata Motors' vision to provide the best cars and experiences around the globe is mirrored by Messi's ambition to continually better his best, day after day.

So there, what does it take to be #madeofgreat? Ambition, Purpose, Determination, Humility, Resilience, Focus, Willpower, Sacrifice, Persistence, or Sweat?

I thought I'd never really be able to figure it out alone. However, I was in for a big surprise last weekend.

60 top bloggers from all corners of India were flown to Alila Diwa Goa on December 5 to witness the new jaw-dropping hatchback from Tata Motors called ZICA. And I happened to be one of them!

Without an iota of doubt in my mind, this was the #Fantastico weekend I'd been craving for.

Short for Zippy Car, ZICA is expected to hit the Indian roads by early 2016. The 5-door hatchback will be available in both petrol and diesel versions.

How did it feel to be one of the first in India to drive ZICA on the most scenic coastal roads of Goa? One word. #Fantastico.

The exclusive preview launch of the ZICA from Tata Motors provided me an opportunity to understand the design philosophy and features of the car.

ZICA's journey started at the end of 2012, when Tata Motors took on an ambitious challenge of developing the next-generation global hatchback platform in a time span that had previously never been attempted. A global team from India, UK, and Italy was assembled to discuss every aspect of the design - from sketch to production car.

ZICA is set to redefine benchmarks in design, drive dynamics, and establish human-machine connect. If Indica was a massive hit with fleet operators across the nation, ZICA is likely to attract private owners looking for a smart car.

What Works 


Thinking of purchasing a new car anytime soon? Would you settle for a lesser design that has been beaten to death already? Most likely not!

Design is a key factor for car purchase decisions globally, and Tata Motors know this.

ZICA is cleverly designed to provide 22 utility spaces for superior comfort while driving. Like a pen and card holder in the glove box. Or shopping bag hooks along with markings. Such mindful engineering makes room for 242 liters of boot space, which is exemplary for any car competing in the Supermini class.

If you're someone who values the highest quality of craftsmanship inside a car, ZICA unarguably offers the best interiors in this segment. Chrome handles, knitted fabrics, layered design theme, customizable air vents, body hugging seat bolsters, and geometric texture lends an upmarket feel to the interiors.

ZICA renders a sporty look with its appealing exterior design. You'll absolutely adore the three-dimensional headlamps with smoked lens and sharp tail lamps.


At Tata Motors, safety of the passengers inside the car is a top-notch priority. ZICA has several built-in safety features like dual front airbags in case of a collision, rear parking sensors with display on the infotainment screen, and advanced 9th generation ABS with EBD and corner stability control. ZICA receives a soaring thumbs-up for focusing on superior safety features.

ZICA introduces the new Revotron 1.2L petrol engine, with three cylinders and all aluminum body. In terms of performance, you can expect an output of 85 PS of peak power. On the other hand, the new Revotorq 1.05L diesel engine is a 1074 cc three cylinder engine with 70 PS peak power output.

If you are a City driver like me, you'll thoroughly enjoy the multi-drive modes (City and Eco). What that means is ZICA offers the performance of two engines in one, delivering superior fuel economy and peppy driving experience.

To meet the diverse climatic conditions in India, ZICA is powered with an enhanced Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit. Its AC in particular is designed for delivering the maximum performance.


For an engaging audio experience, ZICA's dashboard is loaded with an intelligent Next-Gen Connectnext Infotainment system, courtesy HARMAN. Then there is also a first-in-segment Juke-Car app which queues and plays songs by all passengers in the car. I also loved the Turn-By-Turn navigation through app, which is a first-in-class smartphone enabled feature.

If you're a sucker for loud music, ZICA provides 8 speakers in all - 4 in front and 4 in rear, including tweeters.

What Doesn't Work

There's no update yet from Tata Motors on the automatic transmission variant. Also, no official word on the pricing of the car.

I left Goa with a lovely parting message from Tata Motors:
Sweat is the uniform of those who are #madeofgreat, and persistence alone will take you over the finish line. 
I couldn't agree more!