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Tribe Brunch and Bar - An Unusual Dining Experience

When you're a passionate food blogger like yours truly, there is never a dull moment. I enjoy opportunities to review food and beverages from all over the world and share my experiences with a larger audience, hoping that they too can benefit from it.
I like to meet new and interesting people associated with the food industry such as chefs, waitstaff, operation managers, etc. and hear about their unique culinary experiences. If I get to taste their latest offerings firsthand, I share my own, honest opinions about what works and what doesn't.
Most folks in the hospitality industry come from different places and background and get to move around a bit for work. I find interacting with them useful and important to quench my undying appetite for growth.
This weekend I was invited by the renowned Chef Vijay (41), to visit a newly opened fine dining restaurant in Vasant Kunj, Delhi, called the Tribe Brunch and Bar.

Originally from Assam but now settled in Delhi, Vijay brings to the ta…