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The California Boulevard - Bringing World Cuisine Closer to Home

California is known the world over for its dramatic Mediterranean weather, cliff-lined beaches, and palm trees. Not to forget the Hollywood entertainment industry, multi-cuisine food, prominent universities, bustling sports scene, etc.

I too have vivid memories of the state, since I studied at the UCLA's Anderson School of Management, California, which was one of the partner schools for my Advanced MBA program. Who can possibly forget the sprawling UCLA campus, Beverly Hills, Downtown Disney, Universal Studios, and J. Paul Getty Museum! 
Now imagine an upscale, world cuisine restaurant in the heart of the city that reminds you of California. There's something truly fascinating about The California Boulevard, right from the time you enter its premises.

When you're at The California Boulevard, you can't help but draw comparisons to the popular western US state.

The interiors are aesthetically done. The brand has successfully recreated the perfect Californian ambiance with …