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Myntra App - What You Want to See and What Really Matters to You

I have always been a staunch believer that one day all businesses will converge to mobile. Slowly but surely, they will. You've already witnessed the changing trend with banking followed by food and beverage (F&B) and entertainment. And now fashion.
It's no rocket science though!
People want anytime, anywhere convenience and a mobile app offers just that.

If you desire a true fashion experience for instance, the all-new Myntra app is the best way forward. Swipe, select, and shop - can it get any easier than that!
Take the world of online shopping with you wherever you go, and receive your favorite fashion merchandise by top brands delivered right at your doorstep.

Fashion on the Move
Think of the survival of any new e-commerce business and you simply cannot rule out the customer. Customer's involvement has been the cornerstone of driving such businesses towards success.
But most businesses struggle to engage well with their customers. They have little idea about what the…

Wonderboxx - Age-specific, Hands-on Learning Tool Kits for Today's Kid

It is often said that childhood is the happiest time in one's life. It is also a time to foster creativity, fuel curiosity, and inspire imagination in kids.

As a parent of two lil angels - Rishab (7) and Saanvi (3) - I fully endorse the idea of giving children a free hand while encouraging them to think beyond the cliched. When I was of Rishab's age, life was much simpler and predictable than how it is now; most of my learning in fact was very organic in nature, by observing people and things around me. Tech had little part to play during my growing up years.
Today's kids, however, belong to a different time and place altogether. While traditional ways of education might still work wonders in some cases, what the academia essentially needs is age-specific learning tools designed by experts.
That's where Wonderboxx fits in.

Introducing Wonderboxx
With the objective of inspiring imagination in kids between 1 to 8 years of age, Wonderboxx has come up with hands-on learning to…