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#ChooseToStart With The Smartest - How Moto E Changed My Life

Circa 2008.
"I won my first effing smartphone in a lucky draw at a conference." I quaintly remember saying something to that effect to Sadhna, my better half.
She took one hard look at me, then to the phone, and quipped, "You're one lucky bastard!"
This was perhaps the only time I had not paid anything for a smartphone, not even the shipping or packaging cost, which was freaking exciting to say the least.
But as you can imagine, there's no such thing as a free lunch. My love affair with the device ended pretty soon, in fact it ended the very moment I downloaded my first app. My favorite app was not compatible with the device and the only way out was to upgrade the firmware – something I wasn't technically empowered to handle at that point in time.
Fast forward to 2014.
The Prabhakar clan believes that technology is like a slow moving target. We aren't the type to shell out a fortune for getting a premium smartphone experience.
Enter Moto E. And s…