#ChooseToStart With The Smartest - How Moto E Changed My Life

Circa 2008.

"I won my first effing smartphone in a lucky draw at a conference." I quaintly remember saying something to that effect to Sadhna, my better half.

She took one hard look at me, then to the phone, and quipped, "You're one lucky bastard!"

This was perhaps the only time I had not paid anything for a smartphone, not even the shipping or packaging cost, which was freaking exciting to say the least.

But as you can imagine, there's no such thing as a free lunch. My love affair with the device ended pretty soon, in fact it ended the very moment I downloaded my first app. My favorite app was not compatible with the device and the only way out was to upgrade the firmware – something I wasn't technically empowered to handle at that point in time.

Fast forward to 2014.

The Prabhakar clan believes that technology is like a slow moving target. We aren't the type to shell out a fortune for getting a premium smartphone experience.

Enter Moto E. And something changed.

There were a zillion reasons why I #ChooseToStart with the new Moto E. In this post, I'm going to list down my Top 10 only.

# 1: Ultra Modern Smartphone at Affordable Price

My wife who bought the first generation of Moto smartphone couldn't stop raving about the new Moto E. As I accompanied her to the store on a busy working day, I wondered about every bit of detail in whatever she had told. How could an ultra modern smartphone come at that price? I mean you got to be seriously kidding me.

Turns out she wasn't.

The company was able to pack in a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor, an all-day battery, a new front-facing camera, 4G LTE, and a 4.5 inch qHD display. And still keep the phone at an affordable price, making it even more useful and powerful.

# 2: The New Moto E Felt Great in Hand

It really did. I simply loved the curved back, ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in hand. The Moto E does not bend in your back pocket, leaving us awestruck and held in admiration.

# 3: Customized Accents Fitted My Style

It was hands down the best thing I'd ever seen in a smartphone. With Moto E, you can choose from colorful Motorola Bands or Grip Shells that are easy to detach and exchange. Both me and Sadhna can now change our phone accent color as often as we want. Not only are these bands designed to look awesome, but they also provide a unique ridged pattern for an even better grip.

# 4: Premium Look

The mark of a great smartphone is that it feels great too. The new Moto E provides real bang for the buck if you compare it to some of the more expensive handheld devices offered by other smartphone manufacturers like Samsung or Apple. I was particularly bowled over by the elegant spin finish around the camera bezel and beautiful texture on the buttons. This kind of detailing renders a premium look to the Moto E.

# 5: Dual Accelerometers

The new Moto E is powered with dual accelerometers that fuel some of the most popular features available on Moto X.

Like Moto Display for instance. Moto E stays dark until you nudge it or receive a notification. This powerful feature allows you to stay on top of things with just a subtle glance.

Then there's the Motorola Assist Sleep and Meeting modes, where you can tell Moto E if you don't want to be bothered.

# 6: Taking Selfies is a Breeze with the new Front-facing Camera

Everyone likes taking pictures, especially selfies and groupies. With the new Moto E, you can now click selfies with its classic front-facing camera.

The Moto E also features Quick Capture, one of the most popular innovation on Moto X. You just need to twist your wrist twice to launch the camera. Twist twice again to launch the front-facing camera. That's premium innovation in a smartphone that doesn't break the bank.

# 7: Clean Software Experience with Android OS Lollipop

The secret sauce to the new Moto E's success is a clean software experience via pure Android. Lollipop is the largest and most ambitious Android release in ages and powers Moto E with enhanced features like improved multitasking.

# 8: 4G LTE/4G speed

I am a sucker for great Internet speed. Motorola knows that too. They took a great smartphone and paired it with the best network in the world. Now I can browse the web, stream music, play games, and watch videos at 4G LTE speeds. The fun doesn't end here! The company is soon rolling out new Moto E in a 3G version.

# 9: Quad-Core Processor

The thing about a quad-core processor is that you can do more, faster. The new Moto E is bundled with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that has a 1.2GHz quad-core CPU and advanced graphics. Switching back and forth between my favorite apps is no longer a hassle and I don't even have to worry about slowing down.

# 10: All-Day Battery

The biggest turn-off for me is when the battery of my smartphone exhausts within hours of recharging. Not the case with Moto E though. With a 2390 mAh battery, the device will last a full day with ease.

Finally, the new Moto E brings some of Motorola's signature software experiences to the most affordable phone for the first time. People everywhere can now choose a great smartphone without having to think twice.