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Beauty Redefined With Garnier Beauty Benefit Cream

How much time does a mother of two tiny toddlers get to apply make-up and be ready for a special do? If she is lucky, then 5 minutes. Probably less most times.

Caught between two restless kids who can't wait to hit the road and even more impatient husband, she needs to deck up fast.

A familiar scene at the Prabhakar household before every outing. I noticed though that Sadhna, my better half, dashes in and out of the washroom, looking perfect in just a fraction of seconds.

The Curious Case of Sadhna Prabhakar

I wondered how she could look the part almost every other time. And in my eight years of marriage with Sadhna, she has never looked better.

So one fine day I couldn't help asking her. Pat came her reply.

"The revolutionary Garnier BB (Beauty Benefit) Cream is the reason behind the glow on my skin. It is a miracle skin perfector."

In fact, the entire range of Garnier BB has been formulated to serve more than "purpose" for every lady who is on the go - whethe…