Beauty Redefined With Garnier Beauty Benefit Cream

How much time does a mother of two tiny toddlers get to apply make-up and be ready for a special do? If she is lucky, then 5 minutes. Probably less most times.

Caught between two restless kids who can't wait to hit the road and even more impatient husband, she needs to deck up fast.

A familiar scene at the Prabhakar household before every outing. I noticed though that Sadhna, my better half, dashes in and out of the washroom, looking perfect in just a fraction of seconds.

The Curious Case of Sadhna Prabhakar

I wondered how she could look the part almost every other time. And in my eight years of marriage with Sadhna, she has never looked better.

So one fine day I couldn't help asking her. Pat came her reply.

"The revolutionary Garnier BB (Beauty Benefit) Cream is the reason behind the glow on my skin. It is a miracle skin perfector."

Garnier BB (Beauty Benefit) Cream 

In fact, the entire range of Garnier BB has been formulated to serve more than "purpose" for every lady who is on the go - whether getting ready for that one special evening or preparing for a long stretch at work.

An All-in-One Moisturizer

Sadhna wants her daily moisturizer to do more than mere "brighten" or "smoothen". In her pursuit to look flawless with minimal make-up, she has chosen Garnier BB (Beauty Benefit) Cream over several others.

Now Sadhna isn't the type (of person) who can be easily convinced about something. This all-in-one daily moisturizer must be truly magical. Why else would she incessantly talk to me about instant beautification?

I can tell you that she's happy. The comfortable texture blends seamlessly into her skin.

A New Generation of Skincare Has Arrived

The Garnier BB Cream belongs to a new generation of skincare that combines multiple beauty routine steps into one, thus saving time. Unlike most daily moisturizers, this one is enriched with active natural ingredients like the essence of cherries, bilberry extract, and ginger.

End Result: A firm skin plus a terrific boost to the natural process of your skin's regeneration.

Go for it!