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TEN ZEN SECONDS interview with Eric Maisel

Rahul: What is Ten Zen Seconds all about?Eric: It's actually a very simple but powerful technique for reducing your stress, getting yourself centered, and reminding yourself about how you want to live your life. It can even serve as a complete cognitive, emotional, and existential self-help program built on the single idea of "dropping a useful thought into a deep breath." You use a deep breath, five seconds on the inhale and five seconds on the exhale, as a container for important thoughts that aim you in the right direction in life—I describe twelve of these thoughts in the book—and you begin to employ this breathing-and-thinking technique that I call incanting as the primary way to keep yourself on track.Rahul: Where did this idea come from?Eric: It comes from two primary sources, cognitive and positive psychology from the West and breath awareness and mindfulness techniques from the East. I’d been working with creative and performing artists for more than t…

Blog Book Tour - A date with Eric Maisel, America's leading creativity coach

Not sure how many of you have heard or read about Eric Maisel, America's leading creativity coach. Please read more information about Eric here: is on a two-month blog tour, which started in mid-April this year to promote his new book, Ten Zen Seconds ( He is visiting a different blog each day. At each stop, he discusses the book and explains its valuable centering and mindfulness techniques. These techniques help people:Reduce their anxietyTrust their inner resourcesFeel present in the momentFree themselves from the pastTake necessary actionGet their creative work accomplishedMake personal meaningand much, much more... According to the Library Journal review of Ten Zen Seconds, "It is perfect for anyone interested in improving his or her ability to center and become calmer and more powerful. This is the first book to marry Eastern ideas of breath awareness and mindfulness with Western id…