Blog Book Tour - A date with Eric Maisel, America's leading creativity coach

Not sure how many of you have heard or read about Eric Maisel, America's leading creativity coach. Please read more information about Eric here:

Eric is on a two-month blog tour, which started in mid-April this year to promote his new book, Ten Zen Seconds ( He is visiting a different blog each day. At each stop, he discusses the book and explains its valuable centering and mindfulness techniques. These techniques help people:

  • Reduce their anxiety
  • Trust their inner resources
  • Feel present in the moment
  • Free themselves from the past
  • Take necessary action
  • Get their creative work accomplished
  • Make personal meaning

and much, much more...

According to the Library Journal review of Ten Zen Seconds, "It is perfect for anyone interested in improving his or her ability to center and become calmer and more powerful. This is the first book to marry Eastern ideas of breath awareness and mindfulness with Western ideas of cognitive and positive psychology to produce a simple, powerful tool that you can use anytime and anywhere. You and your community will enjoy learning about this!"

Here's the best part!

Eric will be visiting my blog tomorrow. Refer the following URL:


Rahul Prabhakar Blog:

Seoul, South Korea

Rahul Prabhakar works as a technical communication professional with Samsung Electronics Company Limited. He is based out of Seoul and is passionate about consumer technologies. He is a leading member of the technical writing community in India and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and a Diploma in Advertising Management. In the last six years, Rahul worked as a technical writer for some of the world's leading technology industry companies, such as Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. He is the owner and moderator of a technical writing discussion group called Technical Writers India (

Rahul and Eric will chat about how technical communicators and writers can apply Ten Zen Second techniques. Eric will answer some of the most disturbing questions surrounding the technical writing fraternity today.

Don't forget to visit my blog tomorrow for Eric's answers.