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Come, Fall in Love with Nowhere - The New Terrace, Brewpub, and Cafe in Gurgaon

In this blog post, I review a new food property in the heart of Gurgaon called Nowhere, which I happened to discover perchance last month.

On November 18, 2016, HarperCollins India arranged a book reading of Yashodhara Lal's new book, When Love Finds You, at Nowhere Gurgaon. Yashodhara is a dear friend, and more importantly, India's favorite author of bestsellers like Just Married and Please Excuse. I went to Nowhere primarily for her book launch, but sometime during the event, I was introduced to Sameer Dhar (42) who graciously extended an invite to review the brewpub.

The brainchild of popular restaurateur Sameer Dhar (who is also the man behind Escape Terrace Bar Kitchen), Nowhere is hailed for its terrace, brewpub, and cafe. If you're looking for a microbrewery with fully matured German beer, Nowhere is the place to be. Brewed exclusively with Fermentis Dry Yeast and Weyermann Specialty Malts, the German beer at Nowhere is to die for ... I kid you not!

But wait, that&#…