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Birdie Num Num - Bringing Extensive Flavors from All Corners of India

Last weekend I was invited to review Birdie Num Num, a newly opened Indian restaurant in Gurgaon that serves food with extensive flavors from all corners of India. The name of restaurant follows a popular phrase from the 1968 American comedy film ‘The Party’ starring Peter Sellers. Located at the ground level of upscale Global Foyer Mall on Golf Course Road, Birdie Num Num curates an elaborate menu from years of food research across the country.

Brainchild of Yuvna Damani, this unique modern restaurant specializes in coastal food of India, especially seafood. Yuvna also owns the immensely popular ‘Spoonful of Sugar’, which happens to be Bangalore’s first patisserie.

A lot of recipes on Birdie’s menu are handpicked from her travels and friendships; few are recipes from her mom, who as luck would have it came over to train the chefs. With spotlight on family recipes, Yuvna does a great job in introducing homely Indian food from remote regions of India – be it the Sindhi Kadhi served wit…