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Showing posts from August 9, 2016

Think Organic Living. Think Devang House.

I have not been keeping well of late. In fact, I was hospitalized twice last month - in a short span of a week - for acute tonsillitis. The good news is: the worst is behind me now. I am feeling great once again, which means I can have more time for the blog.

This weekend I decided to visit a quaint lil café in the heart of the capital's Diplomatic Enclave. Housed in Amatrra, The Ashok Hotel, Chanakyapuri, and hailed for spreading the 'Joy of Being', Devang House is built by a community of creative coworkers who believe in the prowess of organic food, natural products, and holistic spaces.

As I entered the peaceful corner where the café is located, it dawned to me how necessary it is to imbibe Organic Living as part of our new and changing lifestyle.

The basic premise on which Devang operates is that we are a part of nature, not separate from it. Not surprising then, the Artisan Gourmet food here is made fresh on order from organic and natural ingredients, without any pre…