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Why You Must Visit Made in Punjab - The Smart-casual Dining Brand

I am often surprised with the extent of Punjabi influence in my life. My best friends are Punjabis, or in most cases, hail from Punjab. I listen to peppy Punjabi music every now and then. And to say that I love Punjabi food would be such an understatement!

Most food historians are of the opinion that if you want to explore the culture of a region, start with the food first. I couldn’t agree more! 
The state of Punjab is perhaps one of the most developed states in our country right now, having earned the distinction of being the nation’s bread basket.
My earliest memories to the land of five rivers dates back to circa 1997, when as part of the college western music choir I found every possible excuse to visit the Thapar University in Patiala.
It was here that I developed a penchant for the Punjabi cuisine, one of the most revered cuisines in the world today. In fact at one point in time, the Punjabi cuisine was so popular globally that it became synonymous and representative of Indian …