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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Sana-di-ge

What happens when Bangalore's best coastal cuisine restaurant decides to expand northwards? Well, nothing short of sheer magic!

Last week I was invited to a bloggers table at Sana-di-ge, a newly opened coastal cuisine restaurant in the heart of Malcha Marg market, New Delhi. The property has a capacity to serve over 120 people at a given time.

Sana-di-ge is essentially a Tulu word that refers to a brass lamp lit on auspicious occasions in the coastal belt of Karnataka.

Owned by the famous MRG Hospitality and Infrastructure group - the same name behind the Goldfinch boutique chain of hotels in Bangalore - Sana-di-ge is a seafood specialty restaurant for those who're unwilling to compromise on authentic taste and quality. It's the kind of property that has eluded Delhi for a long time. I kid you not!
In this blog post, I present the top 10 reasons to visit Sana-di-ge.The menu is absolutely flawless. From Soul Kadi (welcome drink) to crab meat soup ... from Anjal Masala Fry t…