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Majlis-e-Mughal - Mughlai Cuisine In All Its Ancient Legacy

Ask a food blogger about what he loves the most about his job, and the obvious answer will be the opportunity to critique food and beverage regularly. If you were to ask me, I strive to write honest opinions centered on food. Through my posts, I provide firsthand information on what you can expect at a new property - be it a standalone or a hotel.
As a customer, you have the right to know if the food you'll be served is up to the mark or not. A good review can help you take an informed decision; therefore, as bloggers, it is important we look at writing authentic reviews only - with the intention to help, not to impress anyone.
That said, here is my review of a new fine-dining restaurant in Vasant Kunj called Majlis-e-Mughal.

It is not often that you meet a restaurateur who does not come from an F&B background. Sohail Khatri, in that regard, is quite an interesting personality. Before he opened Majlis-e-Mughal in October last year, Sohail's only claim to fame was that he …