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Zizo - Much Beyond Authentic Lebanese Fare

It is not often that you go to a fast, casual dining restaurant in the heart of city and find yourself transported back in time to childhood; in that regard, Zizo stands out from all the others.

Offering a modern twist to traditional dining, Zizo brings greetings from Lebanon, a country as beautiful in landscape as it is in their culture, heritage, and food.
Zizo reminds you of those beautiful days filled with fun and frolic. The word 'Zizo' itself draws inspiration from a tiny lil green beetle, which is still considered an enchanting part of Lebanese childhood for many.

The green beetle is reminiscent of the simplicity of life in the Mediterranean countryside, where running through the lavender fields with friends to chase Zizos is a way of life; it's that innocence and camaraderie that Zizo hopes to share with its patrons in India.

Walk into any Zizo outlet in Delhi-NCR and take away a bite of the simple life. A visit to Zizo is not just about authentic Lebanese fare but …