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Imly - Offering The Most Authentic Vegetarian Street Food From All Across The Country

I was recently invited to review Imly, a newly opened quick service restaurant in Rajendra Place, New Delhi. Most of the time, I would find excuses not to go for a review on a weekday, since traveling to Delhi is a hassle quite honestly.
But something about this property caught my fancy!

Imly offers a wide array of authentic vegetarian street food from all across the country - a good enough reason to entice me into temptation.
It is hard not to spot Imly, which is just a stone's throw away from the Rajendra Place metro station. The first thing you'll notice after the 2-minute brisk walk is a 250-feet-long multi-colored train with compartments, parked in a quaint corner of the Hog Market.

The train bears an uncanny resemblance to the Hogwarts Express Train from the Harry Potter films. As you walk closer towards the entrance, the excitement starts to build up even more, despite you having no clue about what's in store.

So first things first. Imly is quite a revelation! Brain…