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Unveiling Kebab Gali - Your destination for Authentic Kebabs, Biryani and Curries

It is hard to find a property in Delhi that specializes in authentic kebabs, biryani and curries. Even though Awadhi cuisine is quite popular in this part of the world, only a few have managed to get the preparation right or keep the distinct taste intact.

Few days back, during a chance visit to Malviya Nagar, I discovered a small colorful restaurant, which by a strange coincidence is named the Kebab Gali. Not knowing what to expect, I made a hurried entry to inquire about their menu.

To my surprise, the Kebab Gali offers a great assortment of authentic kebabs such as Dahi Ke Kebabs, Dohra Kebabs, and Galouti Kebabs. Usually made with minced meat and mild spices and served as appetizers, these kebabs taste heavenly with chutneys and dips.
The elaborate spread at Kebab Gali brought back vivid memories of my last visit to Lucknow. The capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh is hailed for popularizing the Awadhi cuisine, particularly dishes like kebabs, biryanis, kormas, kaliyas, naha…