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Warehouse Cafe Gurgaon - Get Spoilt For Choices!

When it comes to one of the most successful restaurateurs in Delhi, you can't help but shower praises on Priyank Sukhija. Born dyslexic, Priyank has defied the odds to emerge successful, in turn earning respect as a creative genius who continues to gift the national capital with one success story after the other. 

In this blog post, I am going to talk about the launch of his most successful brand to date, Warehouse Cafe, in Gurgaon.

A one-stop destination for great food and drinks, the Warehouse Cafe in Gurgaon woos you with impeccable service and superb music. Brainchild of Priyank, the restaurant is jointly owned by three other stakeholders: Anshul Aggarwal, Murli Mani, and Balan Mani.

Strategically located in Sector 29, unarguably the most happening corner of Gurgaon, the Warehouse Cafe impresses you from the word go. Get ready to feel like a celeb as you take that walk of fame on the grand Red Carpet.

Once you enter the premises, world-class interiors set the right precedent fo…