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The Hudson Cafe - Striking an Emotional Chord with the Campus Crowd

If you're looking for a truly world-class fine-dining experience around the Delhi University area, head straight to The Hudson Cafe without thinking twice.

Opened in May 2015, The Hudson Cafe serves authentic Continental/Chinese food at a very reasonable price. Brainchild of Dev Pankaj Dhingra who is barely 22 years of age, The Hudson Cafe has its heart in the right place.
Dev graduated from the College of Vocational Studies Delhi and founded Dev Dhingra Hospitality soon after - his foray into the F&B business as a sole proprietor. He always saw himself becoming an entrepreneur someday.
[FYI, Dev hasn't taken a single off in the past nine months of his entrepreneurial journey, which is quite commendable to say the least.]

Here are my top 10 reasons for recommending The Hudson Cafe:
# 1. Outstanding service
I truly believe that if you want to be in the F&B business, you have to be on your toes. From the time you enter this cafe, you'll find a very attentive staff to…