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Healthy Routes - A New Name for Healthy Eating and Drinking

To say that I'm a health freak would be such an understatement. I work out nearly thrice a week these days under the supervision of a personal trainer and even try to follow a strict fitness regime. But still there are days when I overindulge, consuming more food or drinks than I should, to the point of extravagance or waste. I don't intend to make a pig of myself this year, so I'll choose my food options very carefully and selectively.
Luckily a friend of mine recommended a newly opened restaurant right in the heart of the city that promotes both healthy eating and drinking. Located in a quaint corner of Connaught Place in New Delhi is a restaurant that aptly calls itself Healthy Routes.

Contrary to popular belief, healthy meals can actually be delicious too. At Healthy Routes, you can expect a wide variety of popular food options like burgers, pizzas, wraps, shakes, and desserts, with the only exception that they are low-fat and healthy.

Junk and Healthy?
A lot of us assum…