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HP Plays The Perfect Santa This Christmas

The biggest blessing for any parent is to see their child blossom in confidence; taking on newer, interesting challenges, and in the process, rediscovering themselves.

I am father to two adorable kids - Rishab (7) and Saanvi (3). Around this time of the year, Rishab gets a deluge of holiday home work, projects, assignments, etc. from his school. Not only does this put our vacation plans on the back burner, the idea of having to work in the festive season throws the poor chap into a tizzy.
Greatly concerned not to let down a small child, I had to come up with a quick resolution. That's when wifey suggested a brilliant idea to purchase a home printer. It was a proposition I couldn't refuse.
A home printer not just helps a student in assignments; it also plays the role of a creativity enabler and contributes towards the overall creative development of a kid. As a creative utility, the home printer can be used to create various fun items like borderless photos, flyers, paper aquarium…