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Spawake Sea Beauty - Redefining Beauty for the Modern Indian Woman

I am a regular at beauty and fashion events, often considered a perfect turf for female bloggers. At the recent launch event of a leading beauty range from the KOSÉ Corporation, I wondered why I was the only male blogger to have graced the occasion. Does the concept of beauty only appeal to the fairer sex? I hope not! 

Last Friday, Femina played the perfect host yet again at the launch of new products from Spawake Sea Beauty - Moisture Fresh BB Cream and Whitening Triple Care Serum.

Being India's first and largest read women's magazine in English for nearly 50 years, Femina continues to publish articles on women achievers, relationships, beauty and fashion, travel, cuisine, and health and fitness.
At the event, a renowned skin expert, Dr. Simal Soin, talked about the benefits of Sea Minerals and Beauty Regime. She offered some excellent skincare tips for the guests, which included more than 50 beauty bloggers from Delhi-NCR alone.

For the uninitiated, I had earlier attended …