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Showing posts from December 17, 2015

Taste the Chi

In the last week of September this year, just before I left for my business trip to the United Kingdom, my chopstick skills were put to the test yet again at the Chi Asian Cookhouse. If you're a fan of delectable Pan Asian food, you have to visit this place!

Situated in a quaint corner of Janpath, it is hard not to notice Chi. Inspired by the canteens in industrial units, Chi introduces a unique cookhouse with 'pro-community' dining concept. Great Pan Asian dishes in tune with the rapidly evolving culinary and cultural landscape of South East Asia - could you seriously ask for more!

'Chi', in essence, means natural energy. The etymological explanation of the Chi logogram is 'steam rising from the rice as it cooks'. 

It is this steam that pervades across the newly opened restaurant spreading natural energy.

At the restaurant, we were welcomed by the wonderful staff from the Little Black Book (a. k. a. LBB), who had partnered with Chi Asian Cookhouse to give 20…