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Italy based NAU! Launches India's First Ever Green Eyewear and Chic Range

I have always admired the Italians for their splendid display of fashion and style. Quite naturally, I was ecstatic to hear that a Milan headquartered high-street eyewear brand called NAU! was launching their unique products in India.

Being a lifestyle blogger is awesome! You often get firsthand access to swanky products, sometimes months before they actually hit the market. I have always used these opportunities to interact with the design/operation teams and provide them candid feedback about the products being previewed, whenever necessary.
Like that day too, I arrived at least an hour early at the venue to chit-chat with the following key personnel from NAU!:Mr. Fabrizio Brogi, President and Founder of NAU! ItalyMs. Monica Salvestrin, Creative Director at NAU!Mr. Vaibhav Sharma, India operations and Strategy Head at NAU! (Vaibhav is also the Director at Trinity Group)     
Fabrizio introduced the latest product offerings from NAU!, custom-made for the modern Indian consumer:
Green …