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Celebrating Loi Krathong Festival in Delhi - The Most Picturesque and Romantic Festival of Thailand

From past one and a half months, I was deployed on a client site in the United Kingdom. It was perhaps the most challenging project I had ever undertaken - not because of its complexity or the sheer volume of work.
Funny as it may sound, I was just provided a couple of weeks to prepare the operation documentation for a wide variety of travel products whose development itself took nearly two years to complete.
After working non-stop for 14 hours a day in absolutely trying conditions, the last thing you'd want to confront is illness.
Phew, the worst is behind me now. Not only did I manage to complete the work on time, I even received a lovely client endorsement. Flattering to say the least!
So there, I'm glad to return on the blog after a lengthy hiatus, picking up from where I left.

Last week I received an invite from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in New Delhi to celebrate a traditional Thai festival called "Loi Krathong".
Venue: Hotel Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi