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Showing posts from September 6, 2015

When I Learned the Art of Dough Making and Tossing at Pizza Express

It's unlike anything I have ever done before. Am writing this blog post from the Terminal 1D of the domestic airport of Delhi. For the uninitiated, I'm heading towards Goa to attend the iMedia Brand Summit and will board my flight in a couple of hours from now.
Why not use this time to tell you about one of my recent escapades? Did I tell you that last Friday I learned how to make a full-blown 'winning' pizza? I kid you not, a real, large-sized non-vegetarian pizza.

For someone who spends very little time in the kitchen, it was historic to win a 'pizza-making challenge' in my very first attempt.

I'll come to the 'winning' part a bit later but first thing first. While some of you might think that making a delicious thin crust pizza with your favorite toppings is a tall order, quite honestly, it isn't. In fact anyone can cook a sumptuous pizza in less than thirty minutes but not everyone will have a 'secret dough recipe' that the iconic P…