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Broomberg - Redefining Clean Living

A few days ago it dawned on me that my house needed cleaning, er, massive cleaning. The drawing room in particular was such a mess.
It could've easily taken me and Sadhna an entire week to put our house in order. Last time we tried cleaning, results were far from flattering. So we decided to look for options online this time around.
It's not like we don't have domestic help at our disposal. We have employed a part-time maid who frequents the house every evening for cleaning. But how do you manage two tiny toddlers, whose idea of fun is to jump on sofas, coloring the walls, and throwing things all over the place. It is a tall order to contain kids of any age. Also, both me and Sadhna have full-time jobs that suck the life out of us. Cleaning is the last thing we ought to be doing on weekdays.

To our surprise, help was just a click away in the form of Broomberg, a one-stop solution for professional home and office cleaning. It was so easy to place a request on their website,…