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What I Learned at the E-Tailing and Travel Commerce Conference 2015

eCommerce in India is considered as one of the fastest growing B2C sectors, mainly due to the massive advancements in the following segments - Travel, eTail, Hospitality, and Classifieds. The growth is further accentuated by funding from venture capitalists who see a huge opportunity with the increasing number of mobile and web users in the country.
As a travel consultant, I am eager to be part of this phenomenal growth and unparalleled engagement. And it is with this objective that I enrolled myself for the E-Tailing and Travel Commerce Conference 2015.

The two-day summit touched upon the most common issues faced by the eCommerce industry in India. Industry veterans spoke about unique concepts, ideas, and practices that changed the game for their businesses.

Here is how the event unfolded on Day 1.

Inaugural and Welcome Address by Kumar Karpe, Chief Executive Officer, TechProcess

Key Learning:Consumer confidence has increased in eCommerce sector.The shift from eCommerce to mCommerce is t…