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When Honda Arranged A Dream Ride For Me

Ever since I learned how to drive, I had a recurring dream about racing on a Formula One (F1) track. Last Saturday Honda made that dream come true for me.

A group of 80+ top bloggers from across India, including yours truly, attended the pre-launch event of the all new Jazz, the latest hatchback from Honda Cars India Ltd (HCIL), a subsidiary of Honda Japan for production, marketing, and export of passenger cars in India. The event was aptly named Hangout with Honda.

For someone like me who has never been on an F1 track earlier, you can imagine the level of anxiety and excitement. And it DID turn out to be a Dream Ride.

Here's an account of how the Hangout with Honda event unfolded on July 4, 2015.

8.30am: We were picked from our doorstep by a chauffeur driven car and taken straight to our first pit stop, Radisson Blu Hotel Noida.
11am: On reaching the hotel, we were welcomed by the extremely courteous Honda staff at the registration desk. We were asked to fill out a form with our perso…