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Meet Your Social Media Analytics and Management Objectives using ThoughtBuzz

As a blogger and influencer, I realize the need to update my blog on a regular basis. But I also know that merely updating the blog and feeding it with new, unique content will not guarantee success; most professional bloggers like myself also need to acquire 'social media intelligence' over the years to stay in demand and always ahead of the pack.
And that's where ThoughtBuzz comes into play.

Actionable Insights
ThoughtBuzz launched its new B2B app in 2008 with business analytics and big data at its core. Within no time, the app established a footing in the crowded space of analytics, with over 10,000 users on their platform.
For a person like me who literally thrives on social media, ThoughtBuzz offers in-depth analysis about what kind of content is working on my social accounts, for example, my Facebook page. It also provides me actionable insights into how I can strategize content for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, making it more relevant for my market.
I can track every…