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24x7Fresh - A Grocery App That Delivers In One Hour Flat

Ever wondered how convenient it would be if you had an app to order fresh and high-quality farm produce, groceries, and daily essentials? Better still, if these products were delivered right at your doorstep in one hour flat.
Well, your prayers will soon be answered with the launch of 24x7Fresh, an app based grocery platform that promises to be a quick, convenient, and cost-effective way to distribute produce from farm to your doorstep.

Left with bread but no eggs? Craving for this season's Alphonso? 24x7Fresh comes to your rescue each time by offering a wide variety of products. The company houses an inventory of over 15,000 products – ranging from fruits and veggies, meat, and frozen foods - to health, skincare, and beauty products.
Co-founded by Randhir Kumar (who also happens to be the CEO of the company), 24x7Fresh aims to assist consumers who want to save both time and money yet have an enjoyable shopping experience. The mobile app will be available on iOS and Android platform…