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Hell-bent On Crashing The Pepsi IPL

Hooked on to the ongoing season of Pepsi IPL? While the next few weeks are going to guarantee unlimited entertainment from the effing world of cricket, I'd like you to meet some crazy-ass blokes who are hell-bent to #CrashThePepsiIPL. Try matching wits with them and you'll end up running around in circles.

# 1. Crash the Pepsi IPL - "Boom Man"- Uploaded and posted by Gaurav Nayyar

In this ad, you see a TV host struggling with his lines. The camera crew is furious with his repeated "failed" attempts to get a single line right. While one of the crew members ends the ordeal by fainting, the boom operator decides to take things in his hand. He grabs the Pepsi bottle from the host, gulps it down, and delivers the tagline. 
This ad made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts.
# 2. Crash the Pepsi IPL - Pepsi Burrp!- Uploaded and posted by Karan Sagar

In this ad, you are introduced to a group of three girls and four boys. The boys want to watch a live match on TV but t…