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KOSÉ Pampers IndiBloggers At Their Launch Event

I am a blogger. I get invites to premier events and exclusive launch parties. Plus free access to the celebs. Now tell me honestly, who wouldn't want to step into my shoes.

Have I rubbed it in already? Before you get all worked up, hold on to your horses while I share with you the unapparent flip side of blogging.
I hardly get four hours of sleep on any given day. On days when I'm lucky, I hit the sack by 12. But those days as you can imagine are few and far between.
We, bloggers, carry a huge responsibility - towards the brand who pay our bills, towards the agency who extend the invites to us, and most importantly, towards you. What would life be without you? So we burn the midnight oil in order to bring the "real deal" to YOU.
I believe in ethical blogging - reporting facts and unfolding events as they happen.
In this blog post, I'll present a firsthand account of the KOSÉ IndiBlogger Meet that took place in Delhi on Friday, April 10, 2015.

Attending back-to-back m…