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My Experiences With Samsung Laptop

I worked for Samsung in South Korea from 2005 to 2010. Quite naturally, I have endorsed Samsung's products for years and have been using them myself. While the company offers a vast variety of high quality products from time to time, my personal favorite has been the Samsung laptops, particularly the new ATIV Book.

From past few years, Samsung has only been focusing on premium laptops like the ATIV Book or the affordable Chromebook. The ATIV Book, in particular, is hailed as an ultra-slim device - a perfect blend of power and style. With this, Samsung has up the ante both in terms of performance and design. Besides the visual appeal and eye-catching style, the thing I like the most about Samsung laptops is that they continue to be thin and light and the battery doesn't conk out easily.
There are other reasons why I like these laptops and am listing them down in this blog post.
Tech Support
Samsung fares pretty well on the tech support. The company introduced a new, unique online f…