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Partnering in Conservation of Indian Elephants

I've always been intrigued by the Indian elephant. Among all countries of the world, India has the largest remaining population of elephants (57%).
Weighing over 5 tons and measuring up to 6.4m in length and around 2 to 3.5m in height, the Indian elephant can spend up to 16 hours a day doing nothing but feeding. They excrete about 220 pounds of dung every day while hovering between an area that spans up to 125 square miles. Experts believe that one of the best places for germinating seeds is in a patch of elephant dung.
Elephants are not only considered iconic in our country but also in other parts of Asia. They help maintain the integrity of forest and grassland habitats.
It is estimated that the population of elephants in India is around 27,000. Did you know that the Indian elephant is listed as "Endangered"by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), an organization working in the interests of nature conservation and sustainable use of natural resource…

Catching Up With The Kellogg Waale Guptaji For Nashta

I am an early morning person. Getting up at the crack of dawn and going for a jog is definitely my thing. But the part I love the most about every morning is catching up with the Gupta family for nashta.
Here's one family who knows how to whip up just the perfect breakfast for any occasion. Over a period of time, Guptaji has earned quite a reputation for cooking sumptuous breakfast meals using Kellogg cereals. He is now better known in the jogger's circuit as "Kellogg Waale Guptaji", and rightly so.
Like Kellogg, Guptaji too believes in the power of breakfast, especially in the goodness of grains. He is an active promoter of healthy and active lifestyle, and people absolutely love his creativity.
In this post, I am going to list my Top 10 favorite breakfast meals from the house of Guptaji (he has more than 100 mouthwatering recipes to boast of!) 
# 1: Baked Cinnamon French Toast
Ever tried a fabulous French toast made out of cereals? In mere 35 minutes of preparation, th…