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Promoting Gender Equality By Sharing The Load

The thing about a successful marriage is that it is never about an individual or a gender per se but a team. Sadhna and I have continued to build our nine-year-old relationship on love, respect, and trust. Both of us work full-time and realize that it doesn't get any easier with two kids around. So we share responsibilities without letting our egos get in the way.
In the Prabhakar household, there is no distinction between a man and a woman. No bias at all. If I see an untidy room, I go clean it.
Ditto for laundry.
I don't expect the Mrs to do the laundry every time. There are days when Sadhna would return from the school fully exhausted. I try to pep her up by making tea or coffee, ordering food online (so she doesn't have to cook), and doing laundry. This is the least I can do for her.
Doing laundry was the toughest though – with me being clueless many a time about which detergent to use, whether to use bleach or starch, how to dry clothes, etc. I turned to the web for som…

Top 5 Simple Things In Life That Make Me Happy

All of us long for perennial happiness. The good news is you don't have to look far in order to be truly happy. The simplest things can fill your life with so much happiness, provided you pay close attention to the signs.
In this post, I'm going to talk about the Top 5 simple things in life that make me happy, er, really happy.
# 1: Being Loved or Being in Love
Different people have different interpretations and connotations for love. I look for the kind of love that makes me want to be a kid all over again. Being loved by someone is great and makes me feel very special about myself.
They say when you're in love, just say it aloud. I couldn't agree more!
# 2: Being surrounded by genuine, fun-loving friendsI will go all the way for true friends. For me, friendship is the start of something exceptional. Like fireworks in the sky. Most of my close friends appreciate my honesty. I try to keep things real, and if a situation demands that truth be told no matter how hard and abr…