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Day 2 of Content Marketing Summit (CMS) Asia 2015: Lessons Learned from a Movie Director and a Radio Host

In my last blog post, I covered the Day 1 of the Content Marketing Summit (CMS) Asia 2015. Here's a recap of all the action as it happened on Day 2 of the summit, that is, February 20, 2015.

Day 2 of the CMS Asia 2015. Excited to be here again.
— Rahul Prabhakar (@RahulRishab) February 20, 2015*********************************************************************************
9:30 am: Day 2 of the Content Marketing Summit started with the introduction of a new emcee, Geetika Ganju Dhar.

Geetika is a known TV anchorperson. She started the day on a perfect note, "Content marketing is oxygen."

9:45 am: Nikhil Sarup, who brought the house down on the previous day, started the first session of Day 2 titled, "Kickstart your content marketing program - Results showcase".

Key learning from his presentation:
Content Ma…