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A Fun Bedtime Ritual To Put Your Baby To Sleep

In today's post, I'll talk about a fun bedtime ritual that you could also follow to put your baby to sleep. I've found reasonable success with it and I'm sure you'll get to benefit as well.

I have two hyperactive kids - Rishab (male, 6 years old) and Saanvi (female, 2 years old). Both of them are restless, mischievous, and talkative, just like any other kid of their age.

Circa 2013. I wasn't particularly losing sleep over their behavior. That was until my wife broke down.

"Rahul, putting them to bed is becoming nightmarish. They seem to have a mind of their own. I tried reading them story books, singing lullabies, and engaging them in meaningful conversations but nothing seem to have worked. Help me lest I'll go insane."

I've never seen Sadhna like that. She looked sad, miserable, and, desperate. So I volunteered to enter the danger zone, not knowing the amount of success I was going to get.

Putting naughty children to bed is also a lesson in p…